CCTV Site & Remote Monitoring & Support


Annual Remote Monitoring and Support (Including free ANPR/LPR software).

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Product Description

Our CCTV Site & Remote Monitoring & Support Service covers a site visit each year plus the following items:

Items Included:

1.     Emergency response 24/7/365 callouts outside working hours (includes 1 hours work onsite - subsequent hours are charged at standard hourly rate) – £500+VAT charge applies per callout

2.     Standard response callouts inside working hours (includes 1 hours work onsite – subsequent hours are charged at standard hourly rate) - £100+VAT charge applies per callout

3.     Remote response quarter hours are charged at standard £15+VAT per 15 minutes inside working hours (no callout charge). Out of hours remote work can also be done at this same rate if prearranged. One hour costs £50+VAT

4.     All hardware items used servicing existing equipment, which we did not install, will be charged for. Equipment that we install will be covered by warranty (usually 1 year for cameras and 3 years for recorders)

5.     We will remotely monitor the status of the system, disks and cameras continuously. The main problem with a CCTV system is that a hardware failure occurs and this is not noticed until you need video footage of an incident – continuous monitoring significantly reduces this risk.

6.     We will also log system status details (off site) for the duration of the on-going support service and we will use these details to help diagnose difficult to resolve issues long after the details have been deleted from the system on your site.

7.     We will maintain site and system documentation to help us quickly respond to your issues remotely.

8.     Free Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) software for logging number of vehicles entering the site is available free as part of the annual charge. You will get access to the database where this data is stored. LPR is so called Automatic Licence Plate Recognition Software – ANPR.



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